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Meet PresDeck. A boutique presentation design agency obsessed with helping you win the hearts and minds of your audience with impactful visual design that brings your presentation slides to life.

Got a big presentation looming but don’t have the skills to design a professional deck in-house?

You’ve come to the right place.

As a PowerPoint presentation design company we can do all the heavy lifting for you.

No more pulling your hair out in frustration as you struggle to get that boring PowerPoint template to look exactly how you want.

We design work delivered on time, freeing you up to focus on other priorities.

Say goodbye to that dreaded deadline anxiety and say hello to PresDeck.


Changing the world one presentation slide at a time.

Why you need to hire a top-notch presentation design agency.

Designing cohesive slide decks that grab your audience’s attention is critical to the success of your presentation.

Save Valuable Time

Save days of pain and frustration designing, editing and tweaking your slide decks.

Win More Business

Influence decisions with professional presentation slides that increase your sales and your average deal value.

Communicate Effectively

Great design improves the communication of the key messages in your powerpoint presentations.

Boost your Career

A great powerpoint presentation can help you land your dream job or secure a career promotion.

Raise Funding

Bring a great idea to life with professional pitch decks that can grab the attention of a potential investor.

Boost Confidence

Powerpoint slides professionally designed by presentation experts boost your confidence in front of an audience.


We specialise in designing effective business presentations including sales presentations, pitch decks, internal presentations, corporate presentations, Keynote presentations, investor updates, webinars and all other presentation types.

How it Works

Our design process to help you wow your audience.


We'll start with a 20-minute chat to understand your project requirements, strategic objectives, brand identity, timelines and cover off any other important points.


Now it's time for me to get to work. Based on our conversation in the discovery phase, I'll mock up 2-3 slides to ensure my creative direction is aligned with your vision.


Finally, we'll apply your feedback to the design process and complete the rest of the presentation deck. 1-2 revisions later and the end result is a delighted customer with a beautiful presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that choosing the right presentation design agency is an important decision for you.

That’s why we want you to know that PresDeck is not your typical creative agency. Unlike most design agencies that offer a wide range of other services, we specialise in presentation design.

We’re not going to sell you the dream before handing you over to an account manager to oversee the project.

Instead, you’ll have direct access to a lead designer from start to finish.

We believe this approach improves project communication, which in turn minimizes the need for revisions and shortens timelines so that you can confidently meet your deadline.

Tap into the expertise of a specialist presentation design agency.

Here’s the bottom line…

If you want to capture the attention of your target audience, you need to tell visual stories using impactful presentation design to communicate your key messages effectively.

And that’s why you need to hire a PowerPoint presentation design agency who specialise in persuasive visual communication.

Whenever you communicate you are selling something. Maybe it’s an idea, company culture or solution to a problem.

Perhaps the goal is to sell more stuff, secure funding or even as ambitious as to spread an idea that has the potential to change the world.

Whatever the goal, we provide presentation design services that can help you engage, educate and persuade your audience.

Let PresDeck design a memorable presentation for you. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

The average project takes approximately 5-7 days to complete. But faster timelines are achievable if needed.

Please contact us below to discuss current project estimates.

To get started we’ll send you a secure Dropbox link. Simply upload your project assets to the folder as either slides or an outline in word doc format, including bullet points, etc.

If you have an idea how you would like a particular slide to look, please include an inspirational image or a short description of the concept you envisage for that slide.

Other assets to upload to the Dropbox folder are your logo in high-resolution and your style guide, if you have one.

You don’t need a style guide.

Style guides are important when a client has strict brand guidelines but we also work with companies that don’t currently have a brand book at all.

In which case, we can follow the style of your existing website, using the colour scheme, font choice and other graphic elements that are currently incorporated into your web design.

Or, if this project requires a fresh look and feel, you can send us any design examples or ideas that you have in mind. We can use these as inspiration during the design process.

Alternatively, we can also propose a creative design direction that fits your brand’s personality.

Payment is due 30 days from the date of the invoice.

If you are a first time client, we require a 50% deposit to begin the project. After which, the outstanding balance will be due on completion of the project.

If you are an existing customer, you’ll be invoiced the full amount once the project is completed.

All payments can be made by credit card online or via bank transfer.

Shutterstock is our library of choice for sourcing high quality photography.

The assets are licensed to PresDeck, therefore, if you plan to use these images in the public domain you will need to licence them from Shutterstock to you or your company for a nominal fee.

The easiest way to do this is for us to share the collection of selected project photos with you for licensing.

We delight in being the go-to presentation design company that you can rely on again and again.

And our process is designed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Here’s how it works…

As part of our design process, we’ll mock-up 2-3 slides for your review. Once you give us the green light that our creative direction aligns with your vision, we’ll go ahead and complete the rest of the project.

If we can’t meet your design expectations during the mock up phase of the process, you will not be charged. 

Most clients only need 1 round of revisions before we receive project sign off on a great job.

However, to give you some comfort and also to demonstrate that we’re willing to go that extra mile to deliver a presentation design of the highest standard, each package includes 3 rounds of revisions.

The number of revisions are defined by the amount of times you email revision requests to the final presentation.

Therefore, please ensure you review the entire presentation deck before collating your revision requests into an email.

It’s also important to note that a revision includes reviewing the design concept, not rewriting the content.

Yes. With the possible exception of a few graphical elements which may be created in another design tool like Photoshop before being imported in, all text, where possible, will be easily editable in your final powerpoint file.

Yes, we can. Confidential information is handled with the upmost care. If required, we are happy to sign an NDA before starting the project.

We are a PowerPoint presentation design company. It’s our go-to tool for all the amazing work we design.

Please contact us below if you have any other questions.

Pricing Packages

Amazing presentations can turn ideas into decisions.
They can motivate, inspire and influence change. Select the package that best fits your project requirements and then contact us below to schedule a time to talk.


up to 15 Slides
£ 450 One-Time Payment
  • up to 3 revisions
  • editable PPTX file
  • custom embedded fonts


up to 25 Slides
£ 750 One-Time Payment
  • up to 3 revisions
  • editable PPTX file
  • custom embedded fonts


up to 40 Slides
£ 1,200 One-Time Payment
  • up to 3 revisions
  • editable PPTX file
  • custom embedded fonts


up to 60 Slides
£ 1,800 One-Time Payment
  • up to 3 revisions
  • editable PPTX file
  • custom embedded fonts

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